Dr. Kahl Consulting

We advise several clients from the healthcare industry. Have a look at this excerpt of projects we realized for our clients:

Strategy consulting of pharmaceutical company / OTC (since 2010):

  • Continual consultancy on all aspects of strategy, marketing and sales
  • Repositioning and Branding
  • Development of a new corporate identity
  • Development of a new trade-fair appearance (Expopharm 2011 / 2014)

Implementation of many marketing and sales projects for pharmaceutical company / OTC (2010 to 2014)

  • Development of a new packaging for an OTC product line
  • Conceptualization and implementation of an advertising campaign (basic campaign and seasonal variations) for a new OTC product line
  • Development and design of marketing and sales activities to promote the new OTC product line at the pharmacies
  • Redesign of a nasal spray and homeopathic drugs
  • Development of marketing and sales material to promote the nasal spray and the homeopathic drugs

Development of a new product line: nutritional supplements (2013/14)

  • Analysis of market structure and competition
  • Brandbuilding
  • Redesign of the product line
  • Development of an advertising campaign and PoS-material

Marketing and sales consultancy of a medical product line for veterinary use (2011 to 2012)

  • Analysis of market structure and competition
  • Brandbuilding
  • Redesign of the product line

Strategy consulting of a leading online pharmacy (since 2012)

  • Continuous advice in all areas of e-commerce, marketing and sales optimization, particularly for the pharmacy brand's repositioning as well as for customer retention and the canvassing of new customers
  • Creation of an e-commerce/marketing implementation concept for the mail-order pharmacy for customer analysis, web shop optimization as well as assortment, communication and sales design
  • Development of a new corporate identity
  • Redesign of the web shop in order to optimize the conversion rate
  • Development and elaboration of an independent advertising concept with a new corporate claim
  • Development of an advertising campaign for print and online media
  • Conception, development and design of an extensive print catalogue for image communication and lead generation

Development of a homeopathic product line (2011)

  • Market and customer analysis
  • Brandbuilding
  • Development of new packaging of three homeopathic remedies

Strategy consulting of a pharmaceutical manufacturer (2010)

  • Development of the companies corporate and business strategy including implementation plans
  • Working out of the strategic marketing to foster the brandbuilding
  • Strategic business process optimization to enhance the customer loyality
  • Conceptual design of a controlling cockpit (Balanced Scorecard)
  • Change Management concept

Pro bono marketing and sales consulting of a health organization (2009)