Dr. Kahl Consulting

Marketing – On your way to increasing confidence

Healthcare marketing is different: Varying stakeholders, innovations, legal changes in the healhcare system and the everchanging customer needs, issue a big challenge to decison makers. Health products and services are based on confidence. This applies to medicine as well as doctoral services. Marketing has to promote confidence, that’s the main task. A healthcare brand is the core of trust!

With our decade experience in the healthcare industry and the different target groups we help you to build this core and support you in the analysis, planning and implementation of targeted branding. Our range of experience expands from pharmaceutical companies, life science firms, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, health insurance firms to organic nutritional manufacturer as well to spa hotels.

Your Advantage:

  • Decade experience in marketing for heath companies, especially pharmaceutical companies, life science firms, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics
  • Integrated offline and online marketing
  • Profit from customer based marketing, especially trade marketing
  • Benefit from our network (e.g. market analysts, mystery shopping)

Our Services in Marketing:

  • Strategic marketing analysis and planning
  • Branding and brand building
  • Sales promotion
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand design
  • Planning and implementation of integrated advertising campains (offline and online)
  • Trade marketing
  • Online and mobile marketing
  • Strategic social media development
  • Strategic marketing communication (Media, PR, Online)
  • Marketing process optimization
  • Marketing controlling