Dr. Kahl Consulting

Marketing and Sales for Players in the Healthcare Industry

You are a pharmaceutical company, a life science firm, a pharmacy, hospital or a medical practice? And you are looking for experts to increase your sales, to build your customer relationships or the development of new business? Then there is good news: Dr. Kahl Consulting is an expertise consultant company covering your needs in sales, marketing and business development with a profound focus in the healthcare industry. We offer full-service support in all aspects of healthcare marketing and sales consultancy.

Experts Are In Charge

The demands in the healthcare market have increased enormously. Though our years of experience and expertise we are able to support the pressing challenges. Our goal here is to offer you the linkage to your marketing and sales activities - both offline and online. Marketing needs to generate your sales! To fulfil our commitment, we cover the entire range of all your marketing & sales needs.
Not sure if your current business model may still exist in the future? You have come to the right place! We’ll show you the latest trends and work with you to sustain a business concept that has future value.


Since 2003, Dr. Kahl Consulting advises healthcare companies in all aspects of marketing, sales and business development. The team consists of market analysts, creative directors, marketing & strategy consultants, advertisers, graphic designers, communications specialists, marketing professionals and business developers to offer solutions for our customers.

Our approach is holistic: Analysis and planning build the basis for our implementation: Whether it’s the redesign of a new product, the creation of a campaign, the optimization of a website, the modification of sales performance, or the conceptual design of a new business model, our professional commitment is unlimited.

Due to his experienced background of healthcare work as a Key Accountant in management level and as a department manager at a pharmaceutical manufacturer,
he is aware of both the needs of an agency as well as the needs of the industry. As an author of several publications on hospital marketing and business development for hospitals he especially understands the conceptual development of business administration in the health sector.


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