Dr. Kahl Consulting

Business Development: Blue is the New Red

What is your favorite colour? Red or blue? We prefer blue. This colour stands stands for unlimited markets! Swim into the next blue ocean and let us jointly develop new business opportunities. There are a lot of possibilities – especially in healthcare markets: The boundaries within the healthcare sector erode and make place for new advantages by merging with other industries like e.g. food and cosmetic industries. This phenomenon is called business migration. We would like to be your personal sparring partner and navigate you into new waters.

Health Market Making

Do you want to build up a new spin-off or start-up to conquer new markets? Especially the new digital world promises a lot of profit to the venturous entrepreneur. We would like to consult you with our healthcare expertise and offer multiple variations of partnership.

Your Advantage:

  • Innovation management building and optimization
  • Know-how development through cooperation with experts from other industries
  • Direct connection to innovative ideas
  • Outsourcing of business model development

Our Service in Business Development:

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Pilot studies
  • Business model analysis and development
  • Lateral strategy development
  • Blue ocean strategy®
  • Business migration® and benchbreaking® consulting
  • Start-up consultancy
  • Investor consulting